Introducing co-retailing

New Place, New Phase!

While you Focus on creating,
Let us be your stockist and retail channel!

A Harmony of Brands

Together with other brands, your products are showcased in a single concept that excite consumers.

Right sizes for you business

From shelves to studio spaces, we offer a variety of co-retailing spaces that fit your brand.

The sharing economy

The costs of rental, electricity, technology and marketing can be shared among all.

Co-Retailing Membership Entitlements

As a MOX Co-Retailing member, you’re also entitled to the following perks.

  • Front Of House

    We provide staff to manage your sales and payment for you when you are not even here

  • Pick Up +
    Drop Off Service

    We are a collection point for your consumers and we can assist with your parcels fulfilment

  • Consignment

    Adding a physical presence to showcase your products

Howdy there, Faith here.

Choosing the right co-retailing space can be hard.
But no worries - I'm here to help!

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Co-Retailing Locations


Our co-retailing location at the heart of KL Sentral, Sunway Putra Mall. This co-retailing zone is customised to spur conversations and collaborations among co-retailers. We’re more than happy to be housing and supporting local brands efforts in thriving in the retail industry.

Co-Retailing Spaces

A communal retail store for retailers to own your private space to make and sell your products. Co-retailing gathers fellow makers in one co-retailing zone, exposing you to more prospective customers from different interests.