With a focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly lifestyle, LAGOM was founded, which stands for ‘just enough’ in Swedish.

Meet Carol, the founder of LAGOM, who believes that with just enough initiatives from individuals to adopt a green lifestyle, it can catalyse into action with big impacts. Hence, she kickstarted the journey on becoming zero-waste or less-waste.

Starting a business alone can be scary but not to Carol. Faced with many naysayers when she just started this journey, Carol relied on the support and encouragement from loved ones to continue moving forward.

Being a sustainable, natural and handcrafted brand, Carol aims to keep her products at reasonable price with quality ingredients for her following. With these aims in mind, Carol launched her best-selling essential oil rollers. The recipes for the rollers have gone through many rounds of experimentation and the ingredients are harnessed specially for its benefits.

Follow @lagom.sg to pamper yourself with her wellness products at home!


Carol, LAGOM

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