Discover the beauty of sustainable handmade wooden jewellery and bags at Studio Mu Yu, a romanisation of the Chinese characters ‘木语’, which translates to ‘the language of wood’. Every handcrafted wood trinket tells a story, and no two pieces are the same.

Lyn, the founder of Studio Mu Yu, who first learned the art of wood design in Taiwan, aims to showcase the elegant imperfections of wood through handcrafted jewellery and bags.

With every single piece of wood having its distinctive grains, contrasting layers of light & dark rings, and exquisite textures make each piece unique and timelessly beautiful.

When Lyn was embarking on her journey towards wood crafting, she found a soft spot for old-new things and that numerous pieces of wood are wasted along the production line to which she got inspired to create wearable art for the modern women out of discarded wood pieces.

Go to to witness her creations come alive through sustainable means!

Lyn, Studio Mu Yu

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